About Us:

Disidual– We are Distinct Individuals

Inspired by the love for Adventure, Art, and Music.

Disidual was created by two broke college students in the spring of 2010. The founders wanted to spread the idea of the “distinct individual” lifestyle. A distinct individual is the type of person who follows their own path. It is the type of person who lives in their camper van for months at a time in order to seek their passion for adventure, the individual who hikes in the snow all day for one epic run down the mountain, it is  even the guy who rides his razor scooter around town in his cut off capri sweats not giving a damn what other people think.  We feel that everyone has a “distinct individual” within them and should express it in their own unique way.

Disidual began and remains rooted in Bellingham, Washington. We are a rapidly expanding producer of fashionable and casual apparel. Disidual strives to manufacture products that cater to the active and free-spirited lifestyle that inspired us in the first place. Our product line was created by a group of individuals who spent more time in the great outdoors then anywhere else. We aim to inspire others to see every change in the season as an opportunity to embrace the world around them.

Living the “distinct individual” lifestyle and inspiring our customers to get outside and enjoy the outdoors is not our only cause. As a business we want to lead by example in efforts to preserve the world and its environment. We have worked hard to become a more sustainable company. Using 100% environmentally friendly inks, eliminating polyurethane packaging, and developing hang tags from recycled paper are just a few of the many steps we have taken. We seek to have our brand communicate something beyond an appreciation for the sports we love, but an appreciation for the environments that enables us to enjoy them.

Thanks for reading!

-B.P. & C.H.

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